Your Business, you're in control

Solis Infotech understands that you know your business best and as such we won't tell you how to run your business!

The ethos behind Solis Infotech is to provide great value for money, high levels of service and hassle free web site hosting for small businesses and Sole Traders in the West Midlands.

We will help and support you from a web and technical standpoint. We aim to support your business by resolving any online technical and operational issues you may be experiencing and by providing a great web service that allows you to spend your time running your business and not chasing up IT problems.

Our Pledge, and yours too

We believe in being honest, clear and fair. We don't recommend things you don't need and we don't blind you with IT jargon.

We don't charge you by the minute for every little change, email or phone call and we don't expect you to pay for things that should reasonably be included in the price you've already paid for other services.

That works both ways though. We want to be fair, and we expect our clients to be fair as well.

If you think we could work well with your business, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss the options further.