We have been running e-commerce sites since 1999 using a variety of platforms.

Due to the complexities of online selling, it is impossible to provide meaningful costs for E-commerce sites without understanding the requirements.

With that in mind, here are some ball-park design figures for you to consider:

  • Very Basic site selling a few products with limited functionality £500+
  • Basic site with more products and additional functionality such as basic stock control £1500+
  • Intermediate site with many products, increased functionality such as more advanced shop options  £5000+
  • Advanced site with many products, lots of options, bespoke extended functionality £10000+
  • hosting costs for e-commerce systems start from £240 per year inc. VAT

We do not offer Advanced e-commerce solutions at Solis Infotech. We would recommend a specialist retail provider for these kind of requirements.

E-commerece Website Design