Data Centre

Solis Infotech dedicated servers are in a major UK data centre. The data centre is a full specification facility designed specifically for internet based hosting. The data centre includes UPS and generator back up power, raised floors, multiple redundant air conditioning systems, a resilient network architecture and huge internet connectivity.


The data centre includes an enterprise level UPS and diesel based generator power solution. It has an auto changeover panel which automatically and seamlessly switches the power source from the mains to the generator in the event of a power failure and then back to mains supply once stable power is restored.

Bypass panels are also included which means that each element can be isolated from the system for replacement or repair without interrupting supply. Power to the data centre is an independent dedicated feed.

In addition each rack is independently connected back to the main fuse panel via it own independent armored cable.


Multiple redundant air conditioning systems ensure that the temperature remains consistent. in the event of repair or maintenance, back up systems can take over.

Network and Connectivity

The internal network is designed with redundancy and performance in mind. The data centre is located directly on diversely routed fibre connections we can offer as much bandwidth as you require.


Security Standards: ISO 27001 certified/audited with physical security, electronic security and surveillance systems in place.

Advanced CCTV and  access control systems mean unauthorised personnel cannot gain access to the data centre.

Onsite and remote monitoring combined with an auto-arming system based on inactivity within each data suite and CCTV monitoring bring a high level of security to the site. 

Fire Risk

Complete fire risk assessments made on a regular basis. Detection and fire extinguisher units are tested and in place. Construction of the current buildings was completed in late 2006 so is built to recent fire regulations. An early warning fire detection system linked to the fire station, which is 1.5 miles away, is in place.

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