Simple Website Design

Sometimes, less is more! At Solis Infotech, we understand that some clients just need a basic web site that acts as an online contact page. Clients who do not need to update information or add pages regularly and don't rely on being highly ranked in Google or other search engines can benefit from our low cost design and hosting options.

Our simple web sites comprise of three to five static pages that cover most of what a small business needs to show an online presence. Usually comprising of company overview, services offered and contact options, these sites allow new and existing customers to contact you directly.

You also get up to 5 e-mail addresses that can be forwarded to your existing email addresses (for example a Hotmail or Gmail account).

Cost are variable, depending on requirements, but as a good staring point it shouldn't cost much more than a few hundred pounds a year.

What you get
  • Simple website with up to 5 pages
  • up to 5 email addresses
  • maximum 5 site content edits per month
  • hosting of the site is in addition to design and NOT included
How Much will it cost?
  • Site Design costs from £144 inc. VAT (£120 exc. VAT) - one off cost.
  • 'Basics' hosting option from £144 per year inc. VAT (£120 exc. VAT) - recurring cost
Simple Website Design